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Check Engine Light Services

Your check engine light is your vehicle computer’s way of telling you that there may be a problem and your car requires service as soon as possible. The reasons for a check engine light activation range from something as simple as a loose gas cap to something as serious as a faulty catalytic convertor.check engine light

The check engine light will only blink if the engine is running poorly enough to cause permanent damage to the catalytic converters in the vehicle. If the light is blinking get it to your repair shop immediately! Have it towed immediately to prevent permanent engine damage.

Our technicians can use their specialty equipment to retrieve specific codes from your car or truck’s computer to diagnose the problem that is causing the check engine light to come on. We then analyze the findings and recommend a plan to get you and your vehicle back on the road.

Don’t panic if your light comes on, but do not ignore it either! Give us a call or come down to the shop and we can quickly and accurately help you solve the problem.

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